24 October 2011

Back After Only 2 Years!

Hoo, boy, what have I been doing that I've not been back here in 2 years? Well, I moved (yet again) for starters, and I've been substitute teaching, which exhausts me, not to mention doing a lot of reading. At one point, I was reading a book per day. That has tapered off due to high crochet activity (Christmas is around the corner, after all!), but I am still reading.

The whole point of this exercise was to record those books I've read so I won't forget, then re-read them ... which I have done just recently (aaargh). A lot of these books have nothing to do with Bookcrossing; by that I mean that many are not registered on the BC website, but are ones I picked up in the library.

I wish I still had WiFi at home so I might go online every day (or every hour - take your pick), but alas, I have to use the public library, a restaurant near me called Pizza Man," or the local McDonald's.

I'll be back tomorrow to mention some books I've just finished. Stay tuned.